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Top Ten Cross-Channel Social CRM Marketing Vendors

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Cross-channel marketing vendors can help you manage every form of marketing within your company, from small to large. In addition to the actual CRM, CRM software packages can also help you control, manage, and implement entire marketing campaigns.


Eloqua tends to stay in the B2B space but has recently been moving into the consumer products and B2C marketing world. They were among one of the first B2B marketing automation products and still remains one of the largest in the world of revenue and employees.

Raab Associates recently published a Marketing Automation report that states Eloqua’s strengths as “an advanced feature set including complex segmentation, real-time interactions, rule-driven content for email and web pages, precise control over sales synchronization, extensive project management, detailed assignments and a fully extensible data model.”


HubSpot has reigned as one of the top social and digital marketing platforms for small business. HubSpot offers excellent training on their products and marketing solutions. They create content that drives customer interaction and marketing automation success. The software vendor boasts that more than 6,000 companies in 45 countries use their software to attract leads and convert them into customers.

Their features include blogging support, social media monitoring and management, search engine optimization, lead-generation tracking, lead management, e-mail and marketing automation, analytics, and apps for third-party support.


Marketo has been around since 2008 and usually aims to the small- or mid-sized marketing programs. However, the company is pushing into the corporate space.

Marketo has an extremely robust platform that helps companies large and small track and manage leads for a variety of lead-generation strategies from e-mail to social CRM.

According to Raab Associates, “Marketo’s major strength is its ease of use. Other particular strengths include integrated content testing, posting social media behaviors to the activity history, multiple scores per lead, and an API service for third-party support.”



Net-Results originally started as a web design firm that launched a variety of software products over the past decade. The company caters mainly to the small business world. If you’re a small business owner looking for some advanced capabilities but would rather not deal in the Responsys or Marketo world, Net-Results is for you.

The Net-Results software boasts a pretty robust feature set that deals in lead scoring, unlimited segmentation of data, lead nurturing, e-mail marketing, list management, and CRM integration.

Experian CheetahMail

If you’re looking for services and support your digital marketing efforts, CheetahMail is for you. If you’re looking for software that helps with building a campaign, CheetahMail boasts one of the largest client services teams in the world. CheetahMail is also recognized by Forrester as one of the top e-mail marketing vendors. The company also caters to the retail market, working with 75 of the 500 top Internet retailer vendors.

The company prides itself on its ability to service marketers with a full range of marketing services and capabilities, including digital marketing support, consumer data, and data management. Experian CheetahMail is also a valuable vendor mainly because it has built into the Experian structure, which gives the customer access to a variety of different tools offered by the company.


Neolane is truly a cross-channel marketing platform, which allows users to organize and track one-to-one lifetime conversations with customers.

Look into Neolane if you want highly sophisticated campaign management software. Neolane software can handle more of the financial, content management, employee interaction, and publishing controls than any other system on this list. However, even with a robust system Neolane makes it easy to use their software.


Although Silverpop caters more to the e-mail marketer, the company does offer robust marketing automation software. Mainly focused on the B2B market, Silverpop’s capabilities allow markets to efficiently manage leads and drive qualified sales opportunities through scoring and nurturing campaigns. Silverpop boasts a fully integrated suite of digital marketing solutions from social media to landing page management.

With the purchase of Vtrenz in 2007, Silverpop entered the marketing automation space and released a product called Engage 8. According to Raab, “Silverpop has strong email capabilities and supports powerful multi-step campaign flows, split testing and controlled user rights. However, they do limit their ability when it comes to project management.”


Responsys was founded in 1998 to provide software that would enable marketers to design, execute, and manage e-mail campaigns. Fast-forwarding to 2012, their Interact Suite provides marketers with a powerful, comprehensive set of applications to design, define, execute, and manage cross-channel marketing.

The company has built a reputation around the concept of “new school marketing,” which reflects on the changing attitudes and behaviors of consumers using digital technology. Straight from the Responsys website, “They fast forward through TV commercials. They’ve put down the newspaper. Old school marketing as one-way communication. The old power channels were TV, radio and print. Today the consumer has more options. Period.”



Primarily a B2B sales automation tool, SalesFusion was officially launched in 2007 as an integrated marketing CRM solution designed to automate the entire lead-to-sales process. First Reef, LLC owns and operates SalesFusion.

If you’re looking for lead generation and marketing automation software that’s built extremely close to your CRM, SalesFusion may be for you. SalesFusion product features include e-mail marketing, landing pages, website visitors, lead scoring, social media, and event management.


ExactTarget is global software as a service leader serving thousands of customers from London to Seattle to Melbourne. If you’re looking for a system to run major marketing campaigns from social to mobile, this might be the technology for you.

The company has also been ranked as one of the top marketing automation software developers in the world and named by Forrester Research, as the industry’s producer of the foremost cross-channel marketing software. Forrester found that ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub product “brings the strongest current offering this year with intuitive campaign management, scalability, automated predictive models, collaboration tools and an open source technology platform that supports third-party developers.