Starting on Your CRM Journey - dummies

Starting on Your CRM Journey

Part of CRM For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Do the following things before you even start looking for a CRM. You have to know how your business works before you can be successful with CRM. Here are steps to accomplish before you start with CRM.

  • Map your processes. Use a mapping tool such as to document how processes work in your business. Start with the first time a customer interacts with you or your brand and follow them through to purchase and beyond.
  • Define your market. Who is your customer? Segment your potential customers into easily definable groups.
  • Build your data model. What information do you need to store about your customers? Write down the data fields you need to keep track of for the customers and companies you work with.
  • Identify key players on your team. Find the key informal and formal leaders in your organization and get their buy-in. Talk to them about their needs so you know what’s important.