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Social Media and Social CRM Can Help You Gain Customers’ Trust

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Consumers have continued to embrace social media and your business should recognize the value of thus for your Social CRM campaign. They feel that it’s a trusted source of information about a company. If you bypass it, you’re missing an opportunity to make the case for your products and services.

In the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer study, respondents were asked, “How much do you trust each of the following places as a source of information about a company?” The choices were traditional media, online multiple sources, corporate information, and social media.

The results were compared with the previous year’s results, and the findings were

  • Traditional media jumped 10 percent.

  • Online multiple sources moved up 18 percent.

  • Corporate information rose 23 percent.

  • Social media rose a whopping 75 percent.

This study highlights that people are increasingly turning to social media for trustworthy information. Given this trend, can your business really afford to miss out on gaining the trust of your audience by restricting your participation in social media?

Another interesting finding for the marketers from the preceding study: People need to hear something about a company three to five times before they believe it to be true.