Salesforce: Key Chatter Terms - dummies

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

You can use Salesforce for the most common facets of your sales, marketing, and support processes. Here are a few specifics about Chatter and how it can improve business interactions and internal communications to help sales, marketing, and support departments do their jobs better. The following are some Chatter-related terms to familiarize yourself with:

  • Profile: A page about a specific person in your company who is using Salesforce. A profile can include the person’s name, a short bio, her contact information, and a photo, for example. The one for yourself is accessed from the top menu, via your name. That page is called My Settings.

  • Feed: A Chatter feed shows a chronological list of activities performed by persons or records within your company’s Salesforce instance.

  • People: A collection of people within your company who have Chatter profiles.

  • @: Pronounced at, type this symbol and then immediately the name of a coworker whom you want to include in your post, in the hopes of giving him a specific heads-up or asking him to join in the conversation. If you have e-mails allowed, the user will get an e-mail notifying him of that specific post.

  • Following/Unfollowing: The act of following (or unfollowing) a person or record to see (or no longer see) her feed updates. These can include comments, posts, and updates to certain fields within a record. Other people in your Salesforce organization can also choose to follow you.

  • Post: A type of update that you make about yourself that’s added to your feed for others to see. Because it’s called a post, you are usually posting an update to some work most likely associated to a record.

  • Comment: A response that you write based on another person’s feed activity. For example, if an opportunity that people are following is finally won, your CEO could comment on the feed and say, “Congratulations, team!”

  • Like: A very quick way to cast your vote saying that you also approve of a particular post or comment.

  • Share: A quick way to share a post with your followers or a specific group.

  • File: A document (up to 2GB) that can be attached to a post or comment. It can come from your computer or from within files you own in Salesforce.

  • Group: A way to collaborate with specific people. People can join these freely, or you can make them private so that people have to request entry and its contents are not seen by nonmembers.