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Strategic Planning Tip: Eliminate Your Personal Energy Drains

By Erica Olsen

Energy drains are those activities or circumstances that drag you down. And when you’re dragged down, you’re probably not putting too much effort into your planning process. Recharge your energy with anything that inspires you and puts you in a good mood, like an organized desk, an afternoon off to enjoy family or good weather (or both together), or lunch with a colleague. Spend time doing activities that give you energy.

First, identify all your energy drains by listing each one on a sticky note. Next to each drain you identify, post a new note with an idea for how to get rid of it.

For example, a non-responsive colleague may be a drain on your energy as continual e-mails and voice mails don’t produce results. A solution to eliminate that drain may be an impromptu visit to the colleague’s office to figure out a better communication approach.

You’ll likely find that one solution can eliminate multiple drains. Group those drains together so you can clearly see your solutions. You’ll find you have more spring in your step and can focus a little more clearly on those action items that will help you reach your strategic priorities.