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Strategic Planning: Act on Your Organizational Values

By Erica Olsen

Developing a set of values for a strategic plan is one thing; living by them is something else entirely. Having a values statement that’s all talk and no commitment undermines your leadership and the management team’s credibility. Following are some ways to “walk your talk” and bring your organizational values to life:

  • Communication: Send a letter to every employee; develop a brochure; visit every office to personally explain the values; post the values in a public area.

  • Training: Develop short training sessions about the different value topics. If that sounds like a lot of work, consider holding a brown-bag lunch focused on one of the values. Allow an open discussion about what it means to act on and live by each value.

  • Reinforcement: Engrain your values through performance reviews, in your goal statements, and in your everyday language.

  • Rewards/Recognition: Host contests to give employees a fun reason to discover and integrate the values.

  • Hiring: Use your values statement as a guide in your hiring process. Structure interview questions around each one of your values to ensure that you’re bringing people into your company who align with your corporate culture.

  • Alignment: Look at your values and figure out specific ways to align daily activities with the values. For example, if one of your values is innovation, then install a system to reward innovation. If customer satisfaction is a value, then set a policy of a 100 percent money back guarantee.