Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies book cover

Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies

By: Madelaine Francis Heleine Published: 10-08-2019

Give your underwater pets the best aquatic life ever!

Aquarium fish are one of the most popular pets in America, with close to 150 million fish owned in nearly 13 million households. They seem like easy pets to care for, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to keeping your freshwater friends healthy and happy!

Inside, you’ll find basic information to start your own freshwater aquarium, purchase and maintain healthy fish and plants, and find tips and tricks on how to introduce new fish and systems into your aquatic family.

  • Understand the best aquarium set-up practices
  • Build the luxury tanks of your dreams
  • Maintain a thriving aquatic environment  
  • Discover many different ways to expand your hobby

Perfect for beginner hobbyists and longtime aquarium enthusiasts alike, Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies makes it easier than ever to set up and take care of a freshwater aquarium—and the fish within it.

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2 results
Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 02-24-2022

To start and keep a freshwater aquarium, you need not only a tank, but the other equipment necessary to keep the water habitable for the fishy inhabitants. When you purchase those fish, make sure that you go to a good dealer and that you buy healthy fish. And when those healthy fish get sick, as some may, tap into the simple remedies in this Cheat Sheet to help restore them to health.

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Basic Care for Freshwater Pets

Article / Updated 11-23-2019

Before you’re ready to purchase freshwater fish for your aquarium, you need to know how to take care of the fish you want. You also need a general idea of the type of fish you’ll buy so that you know what types of plants and other items you need and how to set up water conditions that are just right for the species you choose. This discussion helps you get begin. Differences in species A fish’s physical makeup (fin shape and size, body shape, color, and so on) and how a fish uses its body in its natural environment is important when determining what type of fish and what type of aquarium you need for that particular species. For example, long, thin, streamlined fish such as danios tend to be speedy horizontal swimmers and love a tank that is long and not tall. Become familiar with the physical makeup of various aquatic species so that you can understand what system your fish will enjoy most. You can quickly see whether there is a problem, such as stress or disease, by observing any deviation in your fish’s normal body shape, fin shape, and swimming patterns. Knowledge isn’t only power; it’s also the best preventive method on earth for diagnosing aquarium problems before they get out of hand. Which types of fish are best for you You have so many choices in aquarium fish that you may wonder, where is the best place to start? There are many popular and easy-to-keep aquarium fish; you should have many good options to choose from when you begin. There are some excellent choices for beginning hobbyists. These fish are inexpensive, easy to find, forgiving of beginner mistakes, and will help get any aquarium off to a good start. You also can find a few neat invertebrates (animals that don’t have a spine) to keep your fish company. Buying fish — what you need to know The best way to start as a beginning fishkeeper is to develop a good relationship with a local pet store. A quality vendor can help you make decisions on the best way to set up or improve your system. She can also make good suggestions on fish compatibility and lend a hand if your fish become ill. The Internet is a great place to find fish, plants, and equipment for your new aquarium, but nothing beats the wonderful feeling of walking through a tropical fish store and seeing everything up close with a helpful dealer at your side. Aquarium clubs and societies are another good place to find aquarium stuff. Using a combination of local stores, clubs, and societies, and wonderful dealers online to purchase aquarium fish is always a good choice that will ultimately provide you with the best options for your setup. Feeding your fish — what types of food to buy Although you can buy canned fish food, nutrition goes beyond premanufactured dry food. Many species of fish have different nutritional requirements. A well-balanced diet for you fish can include prepackaged, frozen food, live food, and in some cases fresh vegetables. Taking care of sick fish Despite having the best setup possible, fish will eventually contract disease from time to time. This usually isn’t a cause for alarm because many fish illnesses can be cured. You need to be able to identify stress, spot common problems ahead of time to prevent disease, treat common illnesses, set up a hospital tank to treat disease, and understand the importance of a quarantine tank to avoid introducing sickness into your main tank with newly purchased fish. Never buy ill fish with the noble idea of taking them home and nursing them back to health. This practice will endanger your other fish and risk upsetting your current system.

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