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Honey For Dummies

By: Mariana Marchese and Howland Blackiston Published: 04-06-2021

Get in on the ground level of the next artisan food obsession—honey! 

Just like wine, cheese, beer or coffee, honey is an artisan food with much to be discovered. Whether you're interested in tasting the various varietals, using it as a cure, or harvesting your own, Honey For Dummies is the guide for you. This book reveals the deep and complex world of honey, its diverse floral sources, and its surprising range of colors, smells, and flavors. You will learn about over 50 single-origin honeys, their sensory profiles, where they are produced and where to buy them. Discover how to taste and evaluate honey using the same methods as professional honey sensory expert. Understand how honey is produced by honeybees, and how beekeepers harvest, and bottle this liquid gold. You’ll also discover the historical role honey has played around the world in folklore, religions, and economies. From its health benefits, to recipes, to food pairings, this complete guide covers all things honey! 

Honey is the latest food trend that can be found at farmers’ markets, specialty food shops and on the menu of restaurants. It is produced from bees in every state and just about every country on the planet. Let Honey For Dummies accompany you on your sweet adventure! 

  • Discover the rich and complex world of single-origin honey 
  • Learn about honey’s composition and its myriad health benefits 
  • Acquire the skills to taste honey like a pro then how to perfectly pair honeys with all foods 
  • Try the book’s many wonderful recipes that incorporate honey 

Honey For Dummies is the perfect companion for every chef, brewer, homesteader, beekeeper or honey lover.

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Honey Tasting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 10-27-2021

Tasting honey is not the same as eating honey. Tasting honey is as much an art as it is a science. Trained honey sensory experts objectively evaluate honey using a method that assesses visual, olfactory, gustatory, and texture experiences. The method and skills required are similar to how a wine sommelier would taste and evaluate wines. Having the right tools for honey tasting is not only helpful, but it also adds to your enjoyment of a tasting session.

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