Jack Hyman

Jack Hyman is chief executive officer of HyerTek, an IT consulting firm specializing in Microsoft’s business platforms. He is associate professor in the Computer Information Sciences department at the University of the Cumberlands. He has written several books in the For Dummies series, as well as certification study guides for the Microsoft Azure technology.

Articles From Jack Hyman

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4 results
Data Analytics & Visualization All-in-One Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 04-12-2024

A wide range of tools is available that are designed to help big businesses and small take advantage of the data science revolution. Among the most essential of these tools are Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SQL, and the R and Python programming languages.

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Tableau For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 06-05-2023

Tableau is not a single application but rather a collection of applications that create a best-in-class business intelligence platform. You may want to dive right in and start trying to create magnificent visualizations, but there are a few concepts you should know about to refine your data and optimize visualizations. You’ll need to determine whether your data set requires data cleansing. In that case, you’ll utilize Tableau Prep. If you want to collaborate and share your data, reports, and visualizations, you’ll use either Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server. Central to the Tableau solution suite is Tableau Desktop; it’s at the heart of the creative engine for virtually all users at some point in time to create visualization renderings from workbooks, dashboards, and stories. Keep reading for tips about data layout and cleansing data in Tableau Prep.

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Microsoft Azure For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 12-12-2022

The best approach to working with Microsoft Azure can be summarized in three words: “always be learning.” The Azure product development teams release new features every workday, so if you aren’t actively working to stay current, you’ll fall behind, and your career will suffer. This Cheat Sheet offers some essential ingredients in Azure automation. Remember that the Azure portal is all well and good until you’re tasked with deploying 50 virtual machines!

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Microsoft Power BI For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 03-01-2022

Microsoft Power BI is an enterprise-class data analytics and business intelligence platform that users connect to for data analysis, visualization, collaboration, and distribution. The platform takes a unified, scalable approach to business intelligence that enables users to gain deeper data insights while using virtually any data source available. With Power BI, you can access tools to support the entire data analysis lifecycle — from importing to transformation to visualization and collaboration. Power BI, as part of the Microsoft Power Platform, is complementary to its sister application of Power Apps (for no-code/low-code application development), Power Automate (for workflow development), and Power Virtual Agents (for chatbots.). Each of these applications works well with one another. Strong integration opportunities also exist between Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint) and Dynamics 365. When you’re looking to realize the value of your data using Microsoft applications, or even third-party applications, Power BI can provide the insights you and your organization look for at speed and scale.

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