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Nuance offers many ways to help you learn how to use Dragon Professional Individual. You can ask questions on the support portal, call tech support and speak to an expert, and search the Nuance Knowledgebase for answers.

Where to Find Nuance Communications, Inc.
To Contact Them Try This
Customer Service (Phone) 800-654-1187
Technical Support (Online)
Create email account for support
Headquarters Address
1 Wayside Road, Burlington, MA 01803
Web www.nuance.com

Murphy's Law dictates that companies will reorganize their websites as soon as anyone writes about them, so don't be terribly surprised if particular features of the Dragon website are in slightly different locations. (Odds are that the features are still there somewhere.) Nuance does a very good job of structuring its website, so if you look around, you should be able to find things, even if they've recently moved.

To access the support portal, you need to set up a free account. From this account, you can register your products, access your stored serial numbers, send a message to the Technical Support department, learn about new Dragon products, or order upgrades.

In general, the better you define your question, the more likely you are to get satisfaction from your email message. If you can say, "When I do this and that, I get such and such error message," the technical support staffers have a better chance to figure out what's wrong and give you a written answer. They also can do a good job with "How do I make Dragon Professional Individual do X?" questions. And questions like "Where can I find more about improving my accuracy?" can be easily handled in writing.

For the first 90 days after you register your Dragon software, you get your questions answered free. After the 90-day warranty expires, there is a fee. In Dragon Professional Individual, you can also find a Technical Support link in the Help menu.

To set up an online account and ask your first question, do the following:

  1. Click the Support link on the Nuance.com home page.

  2. Choose the Get Support link under the picture of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (this includes Dragon Professional Individual.)

    You are taken to Nuance's Tech Support page, which has a Customer Login button.

    Go to the Customer Login button on the Tech Support page to create your free account.
    Go to the Customer Login button on the Tech Support page to create your free account.
  3. Click the Customer Login button.

    You will be asked to create an account.

  4. Click the Create a New Account button.

    At the prompts, fill in your information.

  5. Click Submit.

    A screen appears that says you have created your account successfully and that you should check your email to validate the account.

  6. Go to your email and click the link.

    You are congratulated for setting up your account and there is a button for you to use if you haven't already registered Dragon Professional Individual.

  7. Repeat Steps 2 and 3. Then log in to your account where prompted.

    You are taken to the My Stuff area, where you see information about the products you registered.

  8. Click the Ask a Question link, and then click the Ask a Question link at the next screen.

    Fill in your question where prompted. You must have a valid serial number if you are asking about your specific situation.

  9. Click Continue until you have answered all the questions.

    You will arrive at a page that gives you a reference number for your question.

  10. Return to the My Stuff area and click the Notifications button to see the answer to your question.

    You will also receive an email (at the email address you put on your account) with the answer to your question. If you need to continue the conversation, there is a link to the My Stuff area for you to post a reply.

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