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Microblogging was made famous by Twitter. SharePoint 2013 brings microblogging to the corporate world. Using Twitter, you post a short message out to the world. You can follow other people and attract your own followers. You mention other people using the @ symbol followed by their name and can tag a topic using the # symbol (called a hashtag).

Twitter is great, but do you really want to post your company secrets and ideas to the world? SharePoint provides the same functionality as Twitter, but in a controlled environment that is only accessible by other SharePoint users at your organization.

In SharePoint, you post microblog updates from your Newsfeed page. To post a microblog update, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Newsfeed page by clicking the Newsfeed tab at the top of the screen.

    The Newsfeed page is displayed. If you do not see the Newsfeed tab, then My Sites has not been configured for your SharePoint environment.

  2. Click in the Start a Conversation text box, and type your message.

    If you want to mention someone, type the @ symbol and choose the person from the drop-down list. If you want to provide a hashtag topic, type the # symbol followed by a topic name (without spaces).

  3. At the top of the message box, click the drop-down list to decide who you want to share the message with.

    By default, a message is shared with everyone. You can select the dropdown list and choose to share the message with a particular site.

  4. Click the Post button to publish your message.

You can see trending hashtag topics in the lower-right corner of your Newsfeed page. A trending topic is the most popular hashtag at the time.

For example, if a bunch of people use the tag #CompanyMovieNight, then the tag will show up in the trending list. You can click the tag to see the related posts for that topic. You can also choose to follow the tag so that you will be updated whenever someone makes a new post about the topic.

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