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Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a seriously robust marketing application, and in order to configure it to optimally, your Dynamics 365 administrator or authorized solution provider will need to adjust several Advanced settings. Even if you’re not the one configuring the Advanced settings, it may be helpful to check out the Advanced Settings options.

Often, someone is unsure about how flexible an application is because he’s unaware of where the switches and levers that control the behavior of the software are located within the software’s maze of menus. Navigating to the Advanced settings in Dynamics 365 for Marketing isn’t all that intuitive for many users, but there’s a handy way to get there from the Marketing Site Map menu.

To navigate to the Advanced settings in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Site Map button.

    The Site Map pull-out menu appears.

  2. Click the ellipse (…) button — the one with three consecutive dots.

    A small pop-up menu appears immediately to the right.

  3. Choose Settings from the pop-up menu.

    A check mark appears next to the item after it has been selected.

    When you click Settings, the Site Map menu to the left of the screen changes to show the Marketing Settings heading.

  4. Under the Marketing Settings heading, click Advanced Settings.

    The Advanced Settings menu page appears.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Marketing Settings available in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Some of the highlights in the Advanced Settings for Marketing include the ones in this list that describe what you can do:

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen: Generate leads directly from LinkedIn.
  • Import Data: Import leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and more from an Excel or CSV file.
  • Default Marketing Settings: Set the default contact on your marketing emails as well as the default time zone when you create a new customer journey, among other defaults.
  • Fiscal Year: Specify the starting and ending months of your organization’s fiscal year. (Note that you must have a System Administrator security role or the equivalent in order to change the fiscal year settings.)

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a super-robust, end-to-end marketing solution. You should confer with your authorized Dynamics 365 solution provider to learn more about the many available options and capabilities.

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