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Adobe Edge Animate CC includes handy and powerful keyboard shortcuts. These tools help you in two different ways while you develop in the Edge animate environment:

  • Save time by selecting commands instantly instead of picking through menus.

  • Stay focused on your work by keeping your mouse pointer on the Stage.

Edit Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Cut Ctrl+X Command+X
Delete Backspace or Del Clear or Delete
Duplicate Ctrl+D Command+D
Keyboard Shortcuts Alt+K Option+K
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Paste All Ctrl+Alt+V Command+Option+V
Paste Transitions from Location Ctrl+Shift+V Command+Shift+V
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z Command+Shift+Z
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
File Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Close Ctrl+W Command+W
Close All Ctrl+Alt+W Command+Alt+W
Exit Ctrl+Q Command+Q
Import Ctrl+I Command+I
New Ctrl+N Command+N
Open Ctrl+O Command+O
Preview in Browser Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Return Command+Return
Publish Ctrl+Alt+S Command+Alt+S
Save Ctrl+S Command+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S Command+Shift+S
Modify Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Bring Forward Ctrl+] Command+]
Bring to Front Ctrl+Shift+] Command+Shift+]
Convert to Symbol Ctrl+Y Command+Y
Group Elements Ctrl+G Command+G
Send Backward Ctrl+[ Command+[
Send to Back Ctrl+Shift+[ Command+Shift+[
Ungroup Elements Ctrl+Shift+G Command+Shift+G
Stage Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Nudge Down Down Arrow Down Arrow
Nudge Down 10px Shift+Down Arrow Shift+Down Arrow
Nudge Left Left Arrow Left Arrow
Nudge Left 10px Shift+Left Arrow Shift+Left Arrow
Nudge Right Right Arrow Right Arrow
Nudge Right 10px Shift+Right Arrow Shift+Right Arrow
Nudge Up Up Arrow Up Arrow
Nudge Up 10px Shift+Up Arrow Shift+Up Arrow
Timeline Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Auto-Keyframe Mode K K
Auto-Transition Mode X X
Create Transitions From Keyframes Ctrl+Shift+T Command+Shift+T
Expand/Collapse All Ctrl+Shift+Num or Ctrl+Shift+. Command+Shift+Num or Command+Shift+.
Expand/Collapse Selected Ctrl+Num or Ctrl+. Command+Num or Command+.
Flip Playhead and Pin Shift+P Shift+P
Insert Label Ctrl+L Command+L
Insert Trigger Ctrl+T Command+T
Remove Transitions Shift+Backspace or Shift+Del Shift+Backspace or Shift+Delete
Snapping Alt+; Option+;
Toggle Pin P P
Zoom Timeline In Horizontally Num + or = Num + or =
Zoom Timeline Out Horizontally Num - or - Num - or -
Zoom Timeline to Fit Horizontally
Tool Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Clipping C C
Ellipse O O
Rectangle M M
Rounded Rectangle R R
Selection V V
Text T T
Transform Q Q
Transport Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Go to End End End
Go to Next Keyframe Ctrl+Right Arrow Command+Right Arrow
Go to Previous Keyframe Ctrl+Left Arrow Command+Left Arrow
Go to Start Home Home
Play/Stop Space Space
Return Enter or Return Return
View Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Enable Smart Guides Ctrl+U Command+U
Guides Ctrl+; Command+;
Lock Guides Shift+Alt+; Shift+Alt+;
Rulers Ctrl+R Command+R
Snap to Guides Ctrl+Shift+; Command+Shift+;
Zoom In Stage Ctrl+Num + or Ctrl+= Command+Num + or Command+=
Zoom Out Stage Ctrl+Num - or Ctrl+- Command+Num - or Command+-
Zoom Stage Actual Size Ctrl+Num 1 or Ctrl+1 Command+Num 1 or Command+1
Window Shortcuts
Command Windows Mac OS
Code Ctrl+E Command+E
Maximize Frame ` `
Next Open Composition Ctrl+` Command+`
Previous Open Composition Ctrl+Shift+` Command+Shift+`

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