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Becoming famous on TikTok and cultivating a lot of followers starts with creating a TikTok account and building an audience from scratch. First, you need to find accounts to follow in your niche that will help you discover content ideas. Then, as you begin to get ideas for your own content, you can get better and better at creating viral videos. This success will even help you make money from your efforts, using TikTok for your business, if you like.

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8 accounts to get you acclimated to TikTok

Do you need content to inspire your creativity? Are you looking for a few accounts to spark ideas for new content that will help you gain followers? Here are a few accounts to give you a head start in learning the world of TikTok:

  • @tiktokforbusiness is the official TikTok corporate account for businesses. Each video showcases TikTok trends, how businesses can see greater success on the platform, and sneak peeks of upcoming products for businesses. This account shows how you can “create TikToks, not ads,” the TikTok slogan for the way businesses should be using the service.
  • @creatorportal is the official TikTok corporate account for creators using the service. The account features how-to, tips, and tricks for success on TikTok, with interesting videos.
  • @tiktoktips is another official TikTok corporate account. This one provides helpful tips for all users.
  • @johnmayer is a well-known musician who began his TikTok account as TikTok For Dummies was being written. Mayer is doing TikTok right, creating exclusive TikTok pieces for his fans to hear and new trends for his followers to duet and stitch. He gets it.
  • @elleleonardofficial is the account of Elle Leonard, the wife of NBA basketball star Meyers Leonard (@livingleonard). On her account, she provides an insightful behind-the-scenes glimpse of Leonard’s life as an NBA star and what it’s like to be married to one. This account shows the right way to manage a TikTok account if your brand represents a well-known person.
  • @thelawyerangela is the account of Angela, a real-life lawyer who uses TikTok to share legal advice in a friendly manner that anyone on TikTok can understand. She recognizes popular trends and also points out when certain trends on TikTok could cause legal trouble.
  • @scitimewithtracy is the account of Tracy, a microbiologist and retired professor. Tracy uses her knowledge to answer questions about viruses, vaccines, and more, in plain terms that anyone can understand. She does her best to answer every question she gets. Her account has been very helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic and shows how any expert can use TikTok to share their knowledge.
  • @tiktokbrownchick is the account of Shuba, a professional singer known for her masterful impression of Celine Dion. With her amazing voice, she provides her own spin on TikTok trends. She’s a great example of someone with musical talent using TikTok.
  • @ellendegeneres is the account of the one and only Ellen Degeneres. Here, she brings her humor, sharing bits from her shows and personal performances just for TikTok. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when the entire world was stuck at home, Ellen used her account to share her home and private life, providing entertainment at a time many needed it.

5 Tips for making better TikTok videos

As you gain inspiration from those you follow, you’ll probably want to improve your video content so that it attracts more viewers. These tips should help ensure success with every video you create:

  • Quality matters. The better your video quality, the more inclined your audience will be to watch the entire video. Poorly produced videos with bad lighting and sound are hard to watch, and most people won’t stick around for more than a second or two. Invest in a good light ring, a good camera, and a solid condenser microphone if you want your videos to stand out.
  • Include your hook in the first 3 seconds of the video. At the very beginning of your video, say something that catches your audience’s attention. This causes them to stop swiping up through the For You page and watch more of your video.
  • Add hooks every 3 to 5 seconds. You want to keep the viewer interested. Every 3 to 5 seconds, say something new that catches their attention even more, making them want to stick around to the end.
  • Give your viewers value. To make viewers crave more content from you and therefore follow your account, every video you create should provide value to your audience. Ask yourself, “Why would my audience want to watch this video?” and “How can my video truly help my audience?” before making each new video.
  • Consistency is more important than frequency. Every video you create should be specific to your niche and provide value to your audience. You should also produce content regularly so your audience can anticipate new content from you. It doesn’t matter if you post several times a day or once a month, as long as you are consistent.

Ways to grow your audience and earn income on TikTok

Here are ways you can use TikTok to grow your audience and earn some income along the way:

  • Know your data and focus on your goal. Become familiar with TikTok’s built-in analytics and what they can teach you. Also consider third-party analytic tools, such as Statistok and Tok Board.
  • Understand the tools and technologies your competitors don’t. Knowledge is power. The more you can understand the tools and functionality in TikTok as well as its community, the more you’ll have an advantage over your competitors. Embrace and be the first to use every new feature, beating your competitors.
  • Your content shouldn’t look like advertising. TikTok’s mantra for businesses is “It’s not an ad. It’s a TikTok.” The content you create should look like something users would see from their best friends and favorite influencers, not what they would expect from a business.
  • Use your company’s employees. One of the best ways to lose your followers’ interest on TikTok is to create bland, brand-focused videos. Ask an employee or two to be the main actors of your company’s TikTok account. Or, if you’re the owner, perhaps you’ll be the main actor. TikTok users love following accounts that are willing to be a little vulnerable about what happens behind the scenes, and this is especially true for businesses. If users believe they’re following another human on TikTok, they will trust you enough to buy your products or services.
  • Understand the For You page. Knowing how the For You page works is key to understanding how your audience will see your content in their feed. Imagine the typical TikTok users, swiping up through your For You page, seeing content from their close friends, family, and favorite influencers. Beyond that, they are there to be entertained. Your content has to take this into account to stand out among the familiar faces they’re used to.

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