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Python can do fractions so you can check your homework answers. Use the fractions module, and its Fraction object, specifying the numerator and denominator. To get one-half, type fractions.Fraction(1, 2). For four-fifths, type fractions.Fraction(4, 5):

>>> import fractions
>>> one_half = fractions.Fraction(1, 2)
>>> one_fifth = fractions.Fraction(1, 5)

Fractions can do normal fraction calculations (including multiplication and division) for you:

>>> one_half+one_fifth
Fraction(7, 10)
>>> one_half-one_fifth
Fraction(3, 10)
>>> one_half*one_fifth
Fraction(1, 10)
>>> one_half/one_fifth
Fraction(5, 2)

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