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Appearing in alphabetical order is a list of all the HTML5 elements contained in the current HTML5 specification. A brief description is included as a quick reference when looking for the perfect element.

Element Description
A Use to create hyperlinks
Abbr Use for abbreviations
address Contact information
Area Hyperlink in an image-map
article* Provides section formatting for short expository items like articles, blogs, etc.
aside* Slightly related piece of content for host page
audio * Used to add audio for playback associated with web page
b Bold text
base Base URL
bdi* Isolate text that might be formatted in a different direction from text around it
bdo Use to specify the direction of text
blockquote Block quotation
body Document body
br Line break
button Creates a button.
canvas* Use to define a page region in which drawing can occur
caption Table title
cite Cited title of a work
code Code fragment
col Column in a table
colgroup Group of table columns
command* Use to define user GUI elements
datalist* Use to create a list of input elements for pull-down menus
dd Description
del Deleted text
details* Provides additional information or controls to users on demand
dfn Defining instance
div Generic container
dl Description list
dt Term or name
em Emphasis
embed * Links to external application or interactive content
fieldset Related form controls
figcaption* Provide a caption for a figure element
figure* Standalone flow content element; may be static or dynamic
footer* Concluding information for a document section
form Defines a user-submittable form
h1 - h6 Headings
head Container for metadata about the document, scripts, and styles
header* Header for the document
hgroup* Heading group
hr Horizontal rule / thematic break
html Root element
i Italic text
iframe Nested browsing content
img Image
input Input control
ins Inserted text
kbd User input
keygen* User-accessible control to generate key pairs for security or encryption
label Caption for a form control
legend Explanatory caption
li List item
link Metadata for linking external documents
map Define an image-map
mark* Mark or highlight a run of text in one document, for reference in another document
menu List of commands
meta Metadata
meter* Define a visual indicator for some type of measurement
nav* Use to define a navigation bar or area in a web page
noscript Define content to display in case the script can’t be run
object External content
ol Ordered list
optgroup Define a group of options
output* Some kind of output from script calculation or API call
p Paragraph
param Use to provide parameters to plugins
pre Preformatted text
progress* A visual meter for task completion (progress bar)
q Quoted text
rp* Use for putting parentheses around ruby annotations
rt* Use to mark the text of a ruby annotation
ruby* Use to annotate ideographic languages like Chinese or Japanese
s Mark text as removed, with strike through formatting.
samp Sample output
script Embedded script
section* Generic document or application section
select Option selection form control
small Small text
source* Use to specify multiple sources for audio and video
span A generic text wrapper
strong Important text. Is usually formatted as bold
style Presentation information, typically CSS
sub Subscript text
summary* Summary, legend, or caption for input details information
sup Superscript text
table Table
tbody Group of table rows
td Table cell
textarea Text input area
tfoot Table footer row group
th Table header cell
thead Table heading row group
time* Value for representing date and/or time
title Document title
tr Table row
track* Specify a supplementary media track
u Underline
ul Unordered list
var Use to specify a mathematical or programming variable, or a placeholder
video * Use to playback video content in web page
wbr * Use to denote possible line break point for text flow

* New in HTML5

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