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The eBay My World page is another free tool that helps you establish your eBay presence. If blogging (online journaling) is the key to the new Web, then your My World page is the hub of your eBay user interaction.

Your About Me page is there for customers, and the My World page is mostly used by the eBay community. People like to know about other people, and the My World page shows your world, your way.

To set up your My World page:

  1. Go to the My World hub and click the View My World button on the left.

    After you click through, you arrive at your personal My World space — ready to edit.

  2. Click your user ID on your My eBay page (or any page for that matter).

    You arrive at your own (ready-to-fill-out) My World page.

  3. Personalize your My World page:

    • Edit Image. By clicking here, you come to a page that allows you to upload a picture from your computer automatically, or you can use one of the handy (but unexciting) eBay-supplied avatars to appear on your My World page.

    • Items for Sale. Here you can choose which and how many of the items you have for sale to show on your page.

    • Add Content. Here you can add things about your eBay life that you’d like everyone to see, including your favorite searches and sellers, a simple biography of yourself, any eBay neighborhoods you’ve joined, and any reviews and guides you’ve written.

    • Guest Book. Use this feature to enable people to leave messages on your page.

    • Change Theme. Don’t like eBay’s default peach color? Click here to select a color that’s a little more you.

    • Change layout. After you’ve put in your content, this link allows you to move things around on the page, or even change the number of columns.

  4. When you’re finished crafting your My World page, click Save.

    Your page becomes an active part of eBay’s My World area.

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