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Selling an item eBay works best with pictures. But potential buyers don’t want to wait all day to see photos of what you’re selling. Follow this checklist of tried-and-true techniques for preparing fast-loading images to display at eBay:

  • Set your image resolution at 72 pixels per inch. You can do this with the settings for your scanner. Although 72 ppi may seem like a low resolution, it shows up fast on a buyer’s screen and looks great on eBay.

  • When using a digital camera, set the camera to no higher than the 800 x 600 format. That format is custom-made for a monitor. You can always crop the picture if it’s too large.

  • Make the finished image no larger than 480 pixels wide. When you size your picture in your image software, keep it no larger than 300 x 300 pixels or 4 inches square, even if it’s a snapshot of a classic 4 x 4 monster truck. These dimensions are big enough for people to see without squinting, and the details of your item show up nicely.

  • Crop any unnecessary areas of the photo. Just show your item; everything else is a waste.

  • Use your software to darken or change the photo’s contrast. When the image looks good on your computer screen, the image looks good on your eBay auction page.

  • Save your image as a .JPG file. JPG is the best format for eBay; it compresses information into a small file that appears quickly on-screen and reproduces nicely on the Internet.

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