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PayPal’s protection program covers fraud. As a buyer who pays for eBay items through PayPal, you can be covered against fraud for the full purchase price of your item. Before you make a claim to PayPal, make sure that you exhaust your options for dealing directly with the seller and that you also understand what PayPal means by “fraud.”

Fraud is loosely defined as nondelivery of an item or receipt of an item that’s significantly different from the way it was described. Sorry — this doesn’t cover your disappointment when you open the box and just don’t like the item. It also won’t cover downloadable software or digital items — even if you buy them on eBay.

Remember the following few rules for using PayPal’s buyer-protection system and making claims:

  • Number of claims: You may make only one claim per PayPal payment.

  • Timing: Your claim must be made within 45 days of your PayPal payment.

  • Participation: You must be ready and willing to provide information and documentation to PayPal’s buyer-protection team during the claims process.

Gather your information about the transaction-gone-wrong and start your claim with PayPal by clicking the Resolve a Problem link from the drop-down menu next to the item in your My eBay Won area. Then follow the directions you find; it’s a simple and clear process. eBay does want to have happy buyers!.

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