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As soon as you receive the package containing the item you won (or bought) on eBay, open and inspect it immediately. If you’re not happy with the item you receive, the seller may have some explaining to do. E-mail or call the seller immediately and (politely) ask for an explanation if the item isn’t as described.

Some indications of a foul-up are pretty obvious:

  • The item’s color, shape, or size doesn’t match the description.

  • The item is scratched, broken, or dented in ways that don’t match the description (the description said the doll was new, but the box is tattered, and the doll has seen more than its share of action).

  • You won an auction for a set of candlesticks and received a vase instead.

Of course, you’re the one who has to live with the item. If you and the seller can’t reach a compromise and you really think you deserve a refund, ask for one.

If an insured item arrives at your home pretty well pulverized, call the seller to alert him about the problem. Find out the details of the insurance purchased by the seller. After you have all the details, follow the seller’s instructions on how to make a claim. If the item was shipped through the post office, take the whole mangled shebang back to the post office and talk to them about filing a claim.

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