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When you have an eBay Store, the fee structure includes other fees as well. In addition to the monthly rental fee, you have listing fees, optional listing-upgrade fees, and Final Value Fees.

Store Inventory Listing Fees
Item Price Listing ($) per 30 days
$1.00–$24.99 .03
$25.00–$199.99 .05
$200.00 and above .10

As with listing fees, the optional listing-upgrade fees and Final Value Fees (FVFs) apply to eBay Store items, too. Although the fee structure is similar to that of items listed on the eBay site, the actual numbers and percentages are different. The difference in cost helps you decide which items to put in your store, in your auctions, or on your Web site.

Knowing the prices up front helps you decide what sale price to assign to each item in the different sales formats.

Store Inventory Listing Upgrades
Upgrade Cost per 30 Days of Listing Duration ($)
Gallery Plus 0.35
Item subtitle 0.02
Listing Designer 0.10 (same as eBay core site)
Bold 1.00 (same as eBay core site)
Featured in search 9.95 to 24.95, based on starting price (same as eBay core site; for Top-rated sellers in a Best Match sort only)
Store Final Value Fees
Final Item Price ($) Final Value Fee
0.01 to 25.00 12 percent of the selling price
25.01 to 100.00 12 percent of the first $25.00 ($3), plus 8 percent of the remaining balance ($25.01 to $100.00)
100.01 to 1,000.00 12 percent of the first $25.00 ($3), plus 8 percent of $25.01 to $100.00 ($6), plus 4 percent of the remaining balance
1,000.01 and up 12 percent of the first $25.00 ($3), plus 8 percent of $25.01 to $100.00 ($6), plus 4 percent of $100.01 to $1,000 ($36) plus 2 percent the remaining balance

Listing your items for a long time may be tempting as a way to automate your listings — and it’s a good strategy. However, there are restrictions on your listings that you have to remember:

  • After someone makes a purchase from an item listing, you can make changes to most information, and you can update inventory. If you have a new picture or new ideas for a title or a description, you may want to close that listing and relist the item with the new information.

  • If you have an unpaid item, you must close the store listing to file for your Final Value Fee refund.

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