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When you open an eBay Store, you have your choice between several types. All types of eBay Stores are on a level playing field and are equally searchable from the eBay Stores hub page. All eBay Stores have the following standard characteristics:

  • Listings: All your eBay listings, whether auction, fixed-price, or store inventory, will appear in your eBay Store.

  • Custom URL: Your eBay Store will have its own Internet address that you can use in links in promotional material — even to promote your store on the Internet.

  • Store search: When customers visit your eBay Store, they will be able to search within your listings for their desired items — with your own personal search engine.

  • Cross-promotions: You can insert thumbnail promotions for your store items within each of your items for sale on the regular eBay site.

  • Seller reports: eBay sends you monthly reports on your store sales via e-mail.

A cost differential comes with the type of store you want to open. Although you will need to pay a small fee for each listing, eBay Store rental is available on three levels.

eBay Store Levels
Level Cost per Month What You Get
Basic store $15.95 All the standard benefits listed.
Premium store $49.95 All Basic store benefits, a link to your store from the store category page and randomly from the eBay Stores hub page, and more advanced sales reports.
Anchor store $299.95 All Basic store benefits, your store logo rotating with others on the eBay Stores hub page, your logo randomly appearing on eBay’s home page, your logo at the top of the category pages for store browsers.

There's no limit to the number of items you put up for sale in the Basic store. An Anchor store can have as few or as many items as the Basic store. Many high-level PowerSellers find that the Basic eBay Store fulfills their needs. Also, when people visit your eBay Store, they have no way of knowing whether you have a Basic, Premium, or Anchor store. The design of your store is up to you — you can make it as fancy as you want.

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