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To get the most for your eBay auction items (and your time!) make sure the photo, or image, you post on your eBay auction page looks great. Use these tips for photo help to boost your eBay business:
  • Be sure that the item is clean, unwrinkled, and lint-free.

  • Turn off the flash; use diffused light instead.
  • Take the photo against a solid, undecorated (preferably white) background.

  • Make sure that the picture is in focus.

  • Be sure that you have enough lighting to show the details of your item.

  • Take as many images as necessary to show specific details, such as a signature or a detail that better identifies your item. eBay gives you room for up to 12 photos for free.

  • Don't use huge images. eBay will allow uploads of 7MB, but also consider loading time.

  • The minimum size eBay will accept is 500 pixels on the longest side (although 1600 is recommended).

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