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RightScale provides administrators with an all-encompassing management package designed to meet particular needs. In other words, this is a custom management configuration and is more oriented to the needs of large enterprises with an even larger cloud presence. This solution helps you do everything from creating a cloud strategy to choosing the cloud environments best suited to meet your needs to deploying the selected solution.

RightScale appears to provide full support for all the popular cloud environments, including AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google, Azure, and SOFTLAYER. After you have a solution in place, you use RightScale to perform daily management tasks. RightScale even offers training to the members of your administration team.

Everything comes with a price. When using a product such as RightScale, you also pay for all the services provided. In addition, you need to consider the costs associated with vendor lock-in (an inability to move to other solutions without starting from scratch). After helping you create a cloud solution, you become dependent on the RightScale products, which is fine as long as you do it knowing about the lock-in potential in advance.

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