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Within the TI-Nspire Shapes menu, you find the Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Polygon, and Regular Polygon tools. Here are the steps to use the Circle tool:

  1. Choose [MENU]→Shapes and select Circle from the list.

    Hover over the Circle icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. See the first screen.

  2. Move the cursor to the vertex of the angle and press [CLICK] to mark the starting point.

    For the Triangle, Rectangle, and Polygon tools, the starting point is a vertex; for the Circle and Regular Polygon, the starting point is the center.

  3. Use the Touchpad to adjust the size of the circle and press [CLICK] to lock it in place.

    As with the Line and Ray tools, you have the option of pressing e and then [CLICK] to draw a second point on the circle. Or, just click somewhere on the line and a point will automatically appear. See the second screen.

  4. Overlay a semicircle on the bottom half of the circle you just drew. Press [MENU]→Points & Lines→Circle arc.

    Press [CLICK] on one of the intersection points of the line and the circle, press [CLICK] somewhere on the bottom half of the circle, and then press [CLICK] on the other intersection point of the line and the circle.

  5. Hide the circle. Move your cursor over the top half of the circle, right-click ([CTRL][MENU]), and choose Hide.

See the third screen.

Press [ESC] to exit the current tool.


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