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There are many options when it comes to resetting your TI-84 Plus calculator. To access the RAM ARCHIVE ALL menu, press [2nd][+][7]. Use the left- and right-arrow keys to navigate the three drop-down menus. There are two choices on the RAM menu, as shown in the first screen:

  • Defaults: Restores the default factory settings to all system variables, including the mode settings.

  • ALL RAM: All your programs and data stored in RAM will be erased. In addition, the default factory settings are restored.

    After selecting a reset option, you are given a chance to change your mind, as shown in the second screen. Sometimes a warning message is displayed that reminds you of the severity of what you are about to do if you choose to continue with the reset.

There are three choices in the ARCHIVE drop-down menu, as shown in the third screen:

  • Vars: All the data stored in archive memory will be lost.

  • Apps: All the apps on your calculator will be deleted.

  • Both: All the data and apps will be deleted.

If you want to start from scratch, the ALL drop-down menu contains only one earth-shattering choice:

  • All Memory: The message displayed says it all: “Resetting ALL will delete all data programs & Apps from RAM & Archive.” One interesting note — the Finance app is the only app that will not be erased by executing this procedure. Some state tests require all memory be cleared before the administration of the state exam. Other states require your calculator be put in Press-to-Test mode.

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