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After a variable has been stored in any TI-Nspire application, you will inevitably want to recall the variable for use in a command, expression, or other application.

Type a variable name in TI-Nspire

If you know the name of the variable you want to use, feel free to type the variable name using the alphanumeric keys. This method generally works fine if the variable name is relatively short and doesn’t contain fancy symbols that are hard to find.

As shown in the first two screens, this method is used to recall the num variable. As you type, the letters appear in italics. When the variable name is complete, the entire variable name turns nonitalicized and bold (see first screen). Press [ENTER] to see the value of the variable as shown in the second screen.


Use the TI-Nspire [VAR] key

The [VAR] key provides a quick way to access variable names. Press [VAR], scroll through the variable list using the Touchpad keys to highlight your choice, and press [ENTER] to paste it to your current location. The third screen shows an example of the list that appears after you press the [VAR] key.

When pressing the [VAR] key, small icons located to the left of each variable name indicate the variable type.

The two methods described here for recalling variables work in any TI-Nspire application.

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