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You can conduct data experiments easily on the TI-Nspire. Consider that you want to collect data on a bouncing ball. Your interest is in observing the successive heights of each bounce of the ball. Following image illustrates the physical setup of this activity.


After setting up the physical configuration, follow these steps to collect data from the experiment:

  1. Connect the CBR 2 motion detector to the TI-Nspire device using a USB cable.

    The sensor automatically initiates the data collection process.

  2. Configure the collection setup by pressing [MENU]->Experiment→Collection Setup.

    Data is collected at a default interval and duration for the given sensor. The Texas Instruments CBR 2 motion detector collects data every 0.05 seconds for 5 seconds, which corresponds to 101 data points. See the first screen.

  3. Press the Play button in the lower-left corner of the screen to run the experiment.

    As the experiment runs, a line plot is graphed in real time, showing both the position and velocity graphs. The window settings in Graph view are automatically configured to view the data.

    Clicking the Table View tab allows you to see a display of the numeric data. Data is collected and displayed automatically in four lists. The variables that represent each list are run1.time, run1.position, run1.velocity, and run1.acceleration (see the second and third screens).


If you need to extend the duration of the experiment, press [MENU]→Experiment→Extend Collection. This action extends the time to approximately 1.5 times the current duration.

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