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To add a function table to a TI-Nspire graph, press [MENU]→View→Show Table. This action automatically splits the screen and adds a Lists & Spreadsheet application with, by default, x-values incrementing by 1 and their corresponding y-values. Use the


keys to scroll through the function table.


You have the option to change the table settings. Press [MENU]→Table→Edit Table Settings to open a dialog box and customize Table Start, Table Step, and the settings for the Independent and Dependent variables.

Adding a function table changes the page layout from one application to two applications. Use the Undo feature repeatedly to restore the page with a single Graphs page. Alternatively, try the following:

  1. With your cursor in the Lists & Spreadsheet application, press [CTRL][K] to select the entire application.

  2. Press [ENTER] to delete the application.

You also can add a table by using the shortcut:

  1. Press [CTRL][T] to add a function table to a Graphs page.

  2. To remove the table, move your cursor to the graph side of the screen and press [CLICK]. Then press [CTRL][T] again to hide your table.

  3. Alternatively, you can ungroup the split page into two separate pages by pressing [CTRL][6].

If you have more than one function graph, you need to add a List & Spreadsheet page to display two (or more) function tables simultaneously. Follow these steps:

  1. Insert a new Lists & Spreadsheet page. Press [CTRL][DOC]→Add List & Spreadsheet.

  2. Use the shortcut to add a function table. Press [CTRL][T]→f2.

    The second screen shows the result of this step.

  3. Move your cursor to the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen. Press [CLICK] and choose a function for your second function table.

    The second function in the table is f3.

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