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You’ve found a great song on Apple iTunes and you want to buy it. Before you can buy songs on Apple iTunes, though, you have to set up an account with Apple (assuming that you haven’t already done so) or use an existing AOL account. Here’s how:

  1. In the Source List, click iTunes Store. In the sign-in window, click Create New Account and fill in the requested credit card and other info.

    The rest is easy.

  2. Find a song you want to buy and click Buy Song.

    To make sure you really mean it, Apple displays a warning.

  3. Click Buy to complete the transaction.

    In a matter of seconds (usually), the song is downloaded to the Purchased playlist.

Once a week, you can download at least one free single handpicked by Apple and usually more. The freebies are usually from artists you’ve never heard of, though the music is often quite good. The downloading experience is identical to buying any track, except you’re clicking Get Song instead of Buy Song.

Those 99-cent songs can add up. To find out just how much you’re spending, click Account under the Quick Links list, enter your password, and click Purchase History to check out your latest transactions.

If you’ve cherry-picked the songs you’ve bought from select albums, Apple will let you buy the rest of the titles on the album at a reduced cost. There’s a six-month limit to take advantage of this Complete My Album feature, from the time you first downloaded a song from an eligible album.

If you click Manage My Alerts on the Account Information page, Apple will send you e-mail letting you know when artists whose music you’ve bought in the past have added new music to the Music Store. To do so, select the Send Me an Email Alert for All Individuals in My Purchase History option.

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