Here are some essential tips for working with your PC. Keeping your PC in good working order prolongs its life and prevents you from losing important data.

  • Always use your best posture while you compute. Don’t slouch! Elevate your wrists. Don’t tilt your head too far down.

  • Get a UPS for your PC. Plug the monitor, console, and external backup drive into the battery-backed-up sockets.

  • Properly turn off your PC; use the Windows Shutdown command.

  • You can connect and disconnect USB devices to and from the computer while the computer or the device is on.

  • To get to the Control Panel in Windows 10, press Win+X and choose Control Panel from the super-secret menu.

  • The best gift you can buy your PC is more memory.

  • Obtain an external hard drive and implement a backup regimen on your PC.

  • Remember to properly eject and safely remove any removable media in Windows; don’t just yank something out of your PC.

  • The key to understanding software is to know what a file is. The key to organizing files is to know what a folder is.

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