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You don’t have to close a computer program to open or switch to another application. You can use the Alt+Tab key to cycle between the programs. You can see all open programs by looking at the Windows 7 taskbar. Just click any running program on the taskbar to display that window and make it the active program. To switch between open programs on your computer:
  1. Open two or more programs.

    The last program that you open is the active program.

  2. Press Alt+Tab.

    You move from one open application window to another.

  3. Press and hold Alt+Tab.

    A small box reveals all opened programs.

  4. Release the Tab key but keep Alt pressed down; press Tab until you reach the program you want.

    Each time you press tab, you cycle through the icons representing open programs.

  5. Release the Alt key.

    Windows 7 switches to whichever program is selected.

  6. To switch back to the last program that was active, simply press Alt+Tab.

    That program becomes the active program once again.

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