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The Windows 8.1 Music app constantly nags you to sign in. So, what happens if you do? For a start, you’ll encounter these five things:

  • Xbox Profile: You’re asked to create an Xbox Profile, which is a way to connect you with your credit card. Then you can buy games on an Xbox gaming system or buy music to play on your computer.

  • Gamertag: You’re assigned a “gamertag,” which is a nickname that identifies you to other players on the Xbox gaming system.

  • Xbox Live Gold invitation: You’re asked to join Xbox Live Gold, a $60-per-year membership that lets you play Xbox games against other people through the Internet. It also lets you use your Xbox to access your other paid entertainment memberships, such as Netflix.

  • Xbox Music Pass invitation: You’re offered an Xbox Music pass, which lets you download or listen to as many songs as you like for $10 a month. But when you stop paying, your downloaded music disappears.

  • Radio: You can create your own radio stations in the Music app by clicking Radio and then choosing an artist. The app builds a radio station around your choice using similar artists. However, it injects commercials into the music, just like any other radio station.

Don’t need all that stuff? Then don’t sign in. In fact, don’t feel obliged to use the Music app. The Windows Store offers several music players, including Media Monkey.

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