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If you have a relatively new scanner and need a refreshing change from complicated scanner programs, try the Windows Scan app. It's available as a free download in the Windows Store.

To start a scan, open the Scan app from the Start menu. If your scanner's plugged in and turned on, the scan app lists your scanner's name. The app's default settings work fine for most jobs. By clicking Show More you can review the options. You can choose to scan in color, or grayscale. You can also select a resolution. For most work, the default 200 works fine.

The Scan app creates a Scan folder in your PC's Pictures folder, where it stores your newly scanned images. If you'd like, you can change the Scan folder's name or even create a different folder for each scanning session. Click the Preview button to make sure your scan appears correct and, if everything looks good, click the Scan button. When the scan finishes, click the View button to see your scan.

If you're scanning a smaller item that doesn't fill the entire scanner bed, look for the circle markers in each corner of the preview scan. Drag each circle inward to surround the area you want to copy.

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