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For many years, it’s been easy to place two windows side-by-side on the desktop. Windows 10 expands on that concept, letting you easily place four windows side-by-side. With all your windows visible on the desktop, it’s much easier to copy and paste information between them.

Windows 10 also includes virtual desktops, a way of creating several separate desktops. You can align one project’s windows and programs on one desktop, for example, then switch to a second desktop to place windows for a separate project.

Snapping Windows
To Do This. . . . . . Press These Keys
Snap window to upper-right corner Win+→, then Win+↑
Snap window to upper-left corner Win+←, then Win+↑
Snap window to lower-right corner Win+→, then Win+↓
Snap window to lower-left corner Win+←, then Win+↓
Virtual Desktops
To Do This. . . . . . Press These Keys
Create new virtual desktop Win+Ctrl+D
Close current virtual desktop Win+Ctrl+F4
View current virtual desktops Win+Tab (The desktops appear as thumbnails along the screen’s bottom edge.)
Switch between virtual desktops Win+Ctrl+Left or Win+Ctrl+Right

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