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Windows 7 includes a nifty new feature that allows you to restore previous versions of a file that you’ve modified or even deleted. However, unless you tell Windows 7 which drives to scan for previous versions of files, it will only look in the Windows system drive for modified files.

  1. Choose Start, right-click Computer, and choose Properties.

    You see the Control Panel’s System pane.

  2. On the left, click the link to System Protection.


    Windows opens the System Properties dialog box, on the System Protection tab.

  3. Click any drives you want to include in automatic restore points and then click Configure.


    Windows opens the System Protection dialog box for the selected drive.

  4. Click the button marked Only Restore Previous Versions of Files.

    Consider setting aside more space for restore points by moving the slider.

  5. Click OK twice.

    Starting tonight, Windows will start tracking versions of all the files on the chosen drive.

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