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OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of cloud storage, which allows for easy storage and sharing from anywhere. To share a file or folder with someone, you generate a sharing link on OneDrive. OneDrive automatically generates this link and stores it on the Clipboard. You can paste it anywhere you want; for example, in an email message, in a chat window on Skype, or on your favorite web browser.

If you share a file, anyone who receives the link can edit that file; if you share a folder, anyone who receives the link can view that folder.

Here’s how to quickly generate a sharing link on OneDrive and share it with others:

  1. Open OneDrive.

  2. Browse to the OneDrive file or folder that you want to share.

  3. Right-click the file or folder you want to share.

    The right-click menu appears.

  4. In the menu that appears, click Share a OneDrive link.

    A notification appears showing that the link is ready to paste.

  5. Open the app where you want to use this link.

  6. Paste the link into that app and send the link to the intended person.

    The Share a OneDrive link.
    The Share a OneDrive link.

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