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Many Windows 10 users also use Microsoft Edge as their web browser. As you soon find out if you spend any time on the web, web pages are full of cumbersome advertisements. They often get in the way. How would you like to strip the ads from the web pages you visit? You can do that by installing an app from the Microsoft Store called Adblock Plus.

Edge is by no means the only browser. Microsoft invented Edge to coincide with the release of Windows 10. You are hereby encouraged to test-drive other, more established browsers, namely Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

  1. Close Edge, go to the Microsoft Store, and install Adblock Plus now.Installing takes only half a minute.
  2. The first time you open Edge after Adblock Plus is installed, you see the message screen. Select the Turn It On button. Then go to a web page of your choice.
    Adblock Plus extension
  3. This figure shows the same web page before and after Adblock Plus was installed. Notice the large ad at the top of the first Edge screen. This ad is absent from the same screen on the bottom of the figure. After you install Adblock Plus, the Adblock Plus button (with the letters ABP) appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. A number next to the button tells you how many ads were blocked on the web page you’re visiting.
    before and after Adblock Plus
  4. Click the ABP button.You see the drop-down menu shown on the left. It also tells you how many ads were blocked. Occasionally, you run into a web page that can’t be viewed when ads are blocked. In cases like that, you can turn off Adblock Plus. To do so, click the APB button, drag the slider on the drop-down menu to the left, and select the Refresh button (refer to the right side of the figure).
    ADP button

  5. Click or tap anywhere on the web page to close the Adblock Plus drop-down menu.

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