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You can add titles to any movie in Windows 7 using Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM). In fact, superimposing text over your clips ranks as one of the simplest of WLMM tricks, and you can use any font known to Windows.

Using Windows Live Movie Maker, you can add text to a single clip at a time. When the movie moves on to the next clip, the text disappears. So, you can’t make a full-scale title sequence with you movies, but you can at least identify them and take credit for them before posting them to You Tube.

  1. Assemble your movie together first.

    Adding titles is easiest after you’ve put the clips in order.

  2. Choose the Edit tab.


    WLMM shows you its Edit view.

  3. Click the Text Box icon.

    WLMM plants a resizable text box on your clip.

    Click and drag the resizing handles if you need to make the box bigger.

  4. Type the text that you want to appear on the clip.

    You can format the text using the font drop-down list, font size, and Bold, Italic, and color button.

    Click and drag to move the text box anywhere on the clip.

  5. When you’re happy with the text, click outside the text box.

    If you ever want to go back in and edit the text, click the Text Box icon again.

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