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When you’re working in a Remote Desktop session, some of the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts don’t work exactly as you expect them to. The table lists the special keyboard shortcuts you can use in a Remote Desktop session.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Remote Desktop
Shortcut What It Does
Ctrl+Alt+Break Toggles between full-screen and windowed views.
Ctrl+Alt+Pause Similar to Ctrl+Alt+Break, but instead of maximizing the remote window to full screen, it displays the remote window against a black background.
Alt+Insert Cycles between applications running on the remote desktop, the same as Alt+Tab on your local machine.
Alt+PageUp Same as Alt+Insert.
Alt+PageDown Similar to Alt+Insert, but reverses the order in which applications are cycled. This is the same as Alt+Shift+Tab on your local machine.
Ctrl+Alt+End Sends a Ctrl+Alt+Del to the remote desktop.
Alt+Home Brings up the Start menu on the remote system.
Alt+Delete Opens the Windows menu on a window in the remote desktop. (The Windows menu is the one at the top left of every window, with options to move, resize, minimize, maximize, and close the window.)
Ctrl+Alt+Plus Sign (+) Captures a screen image of the entire remote desktop and saves it to the Clipboard. This is the same as pressing Print Screen on your local machine.
Ctrl+Alt+Minus Sign (–) Captures an image of the current window and saves it to the Clipboard. This is the same as pressing Alt+Tab on your local machine.

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