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If you’re looking for a computer to browse the Web, e-mail, use simple desktop publishing software, or work with more advanced productivity programs (like spreadsheets and scheduling applications), then a standard model PC is for you. Here’s the equipment you'll need to build this PC:

Computer Component What to Look For
Case ATX minitower model; dual fan
CPU/motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD 64 Athlon X2; PCI and PCI-Express slots
System RAM 1GB
Hard drive One EIDE or SATA drive, 240GB minimum
Optical drive 16x internal DVD recorder
Modem 56 Kbps v.90 internal data/fax, cable/DSL modem for broadband
Video card Standard 256MB PCI-Express 3-D video adapter with NVIDIA or TI graphics chipset
Sound card PCI audio card with Surround Sound
Monitor 19-inch LCD
Ports Four USB 2.0 ports, digital media card reader, and one FireWire port
Input Standard keyboard; mouse

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