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If you need to use your computer on the go or you aren’t a frequent user of the internet, you could use your cellular network to success the internet. It’s possible to use a smartphone’s 3G or 4G connection to connect to the Internet. You may have to pay your phone service provider a monthly fee for this service, called tethering or personal hotspot. In addition, your computer has to be Wi-Fi capable. All newer computers have this capability. However, you may want to check before attempting to tether.

When you’re ready to connect, simplyt follow these steps:

  1. Start by turning on the hotspot feature on your phone (typically this is found in Network settings).
  2. On your computer, press Win+I, and then click the Network & Internet.
  3. Click Show Available Networks and then click your phone’s Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Click Connect and enter the security key.
  5. Click Next.

Be aware of the drain on your phone’s battery when tethering. Connect your phone to a power source when tethering, if possible, and turn off the hotspot when you’re not using it.

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