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Some of the cool features in Windows 10 are the enhancements for those who have touchscreen-enabled computers. In fact, you could use a computer without a mouse and keyboard for the most part, if you have a touchscreen machine (although you can still use a mouse and keyboard to get anything done).

Windows 10 focuses on a desktop as its home base. This is where windows appear when you open apps or settings and where you can place desktop shortcuts to frequently used apps.

Additionally, the desktop contains a taskbar along the bottom that offers several tools for working with Windows settings and apps. Three items on the taskbar are key to using Windows 10:

  • Cortana: This personal assistant is a sophisticated search feature that can return results from a web search, a search of your computer contents, and even apps, such as Calendar or Maps. You can also ask Cortana to take actions, such as sending email, setting an appointment, or opening an app. You can interact with Cortana by entering text or by using spoken commands.
  • Task View: This view shows you all open apps on your desktop and allows you to switch between them. It even allows you to create and view multiple desktops. For example, you might have one desktop with all your work apps open and one with all your games and entertainment apps displayed.
  • Action Center: This pane provides a list of notifications about such items as new emails or appointment reminders, and buttons for various settings, such as screen brightness and network connections.
Last but not least, the Start button provides access to all apps, shutdown options, and settings.

Windows 10 Start button

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