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You’ve spent hours creating the perfect document, and now you’re done working with your computer. Before you call it a day, make sure that you save any open documents and close any open computer programs.
  1. With your program open, save any open documents.

    Typically, you can choose File→Save to save your documents and use the settings in the Save dialog box to name the file and also specify which folder to save it to. However, in recent Microsoft Office products, you click the application button and choose Save As.

  2. Close the open program by doing one of the following: click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the window; click Alt+F4 to close an active open window; or choose File (or application button)→Exit.


    The program closes. If you haven’t saved changes in any open documents before trying to close the program, you see a dialog box asking whether you want to save the document(s).

  3. Click Save or Don’t Save, depending on whether you want to save your changes.


    Note that choosing File→Exit closes all open documents in an application. Choose File→Close to close only the currently active document and keep the application and any other open documents open.

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