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Make your vacation getaway worth writing home about with helpful hints about travel planning and trip enjoyment. You can pack up your worries and leave that workaday baggage behind when you head out for a great vacation time!

1. Exercise and eat well when you're on the road

When out of town, it's easy to use traveling as an excuse not to exercise. This is a grave mistake, because adding fitness into your schedule can enhance the experience of your business or pleasure trip.

2. Who says vacation has to cost a lot?

There has never been a better time to save money on your vacation than right now. The economy has put the squeeze on household spending and has forced most companies in the travel industry to offer significant savings on rental cars, flights, hotels, and travel packages.

3. Volunteer vacations: Having fun while making a difference

Whether you help build a house, assist in a remote archeological dig, comb beaches for signs of endangered species, or clear trails in a storm-damaged park, you’ll return from your vacation knowing that what you’ve done has made a difference in the world.

4. See what others say about your vacation destination

You've already planned your trip and taken a look at the events happening at your final destination. Wouldn't it be helpful to know what other people have to say about what you're planning on doing, eating, or using as a place of rest?

5. Simple steps for shooting great vacation photos

When you travel with your digital camera, you want to take pictures that tell the story of your trip, either to share your experiences with others or to bring back your own memories of the trip.

6. Pack up fast for your camping adventure

To go camping on short notice with the least hassle, keep the items in this list assembled, packed, and ready to load into your vehicle. A large plastic cargo box is a good container.

7. Destination wedding: Make your guests feel right at home

Expenses can prevent many guests from going to your destination wedding, but you can help them attend "remotely" by using a webcam. A webcam enables the bridal couple to share their day with faraway friends and family.

8. Stay calm, cool, and collected when you travel

World travel can be quite stressful — even before you leave your home! Follow these travel tips to make your trip as enjoyable as possible and keep your manners intact.

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