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Because of the one-on-one nature of wrestling and the relatively brief length of a match, the mental approach to competition and the commitment you need to succeed are unique. The following list provides some keys to winning the mental game as a wrestler:

  • Inspiration: External motivation and rewards can take you only so far; to be a great wrestler, you need to be truly inspired.

  • Positive attitude: Successful wrestlers must be in the right positive mindset to win a match on any given day.

  • Strength in the fundamentals: Great wrestlers understand the importance of the fundamental moves and work to improve them every day.

  • Style: You need to develop a style that fits your skills, strengths, and abilities. Each wrestler’s style is different, so you need to develop yours with confidence and then pay attention to the styles of your opponents so you can beat them.

  • Competition: Develop a desire for competition by competing all the time, even at practice. Maintain consistent intensity in everything you do both on and off the mat and stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Mental toughness: Understand that concentration, confidence, self-control, and goal-setting are all mental drills that wrestlers have to master to gain a mental edge.

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