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When conditions are rough on the golf course because of high wind, scores go up. You have to be ready for that occurrence. If you're facing strong winds on the course, don’t panic if you start off badly or have a couple of poor holes. Be patient and realize that sometimes conditions make it difficult to play golf. And remember that bad weather conditions are equally tough on all the other players.

If the wind is blowing hard enough to be a nuisance, the following tips may help you deal with wind conditions:

  • Widen your stance to lower your center of gravity. This stance change automatically makes your swing shorter (for control) because turning your body is more difficult when your feet are set wider apart.

  • Use a less-lofted club than normal and swing easier. You have a better chance of hitting the ball squarely, which gives you a consistent distance the ball will travel with every club, even in bad conditions.

  • Use the wind — don’t abuse the wind. Let the ball go where the wind wants it to go. Don’t try to fight it, or it’ll be a long day. If the wind is blowing left to right at 30 mph, aim your ball left and let the wind bring it back. Don’t aim right and try to hook it back into the wind. Leave that up to the airline pilots and the guys on the PGA Tour!

  • Choke down on the club. Choking down means that you don’t have to keep your left hand (for right-handed golfers) all the way at the end of the grip. Chocking down gives you more control.

  • Allow for more run downwind and for shorter flight against the wind. This part of the game has to be experienced to be understood. The more you play in windy conditions, the more comfortable you become in them.

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