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You can convey a mood with every digital photograph you take. Perhaps your goal is to create pictures that express the beauty of the area in which you live. Your photographs can show a calm, peaceful feeling when you capture images during Golden Hour.

Mood goes hand in hand with style. You can also create photographs that convey power when you photograph an area during stormy weather. Photograph an area on a cloudy day, and the image portrays a somber beauty.

You can portray a mood in many ways when you create a photograph. The most obvious method is to use light and shadow. A bright image conveys a bright, positive mood. An image with a lot of dark colors can give images a somber or even sinister mood.

Color is another way you can portray a mood with your photography. Bright, warm colors signify joy and serenity. Bright colors like reds signify power. Pinks and pastel colors can portray romance or love. Conveying a mood also depends on how you assemble the elements in the frame to tell your story.

The subject you photograph can portray mood or emotion, too. Colorful flowers send a message of love and romance. An eagle or hawk is a powerful bird, and other birds are beautiful but at the same time comical. Even a small bird like a burrowing owl can look pretty fierce if you compose the image correctly.


The composition you choose can make or break the photo when your goal is to portray emotion. Look at the elements in the viewfinder and judge whether the image tells the story you want to tell.

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