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It's cool to shoot a bunch of still images to create a time-lapse movie. GoPro makes the process easy, with a special mode dedicated to time-lapse capture. You can speed up the world at the interval of your choosing for fun, or study changing scene over time.

Shoot a sequence that shows a parade of commuters walking into the subway or fans filling a stadium, or record an expedited version of your child's Little League game. (Sometimes it's wishful thinking for a game to be that short.)

To make a time-lapse video, you need the following:

  • Proper settings: Make sure that your GoPro is turned to Time-Lapse mode and set to the desired interval.
  • Sturdy mount: Whichever mount you choose, make sure that it's sturdy and located away from excessive vibration.
  • Freshly charged battery: The GoPro's battery doesn't last long, so when you're running the camera for an hour or so, you're at risk of a battery failure. Also, consider using the Portable Power Pack to charge your GoPro during an extended time-lapse.
  • Something to help pass the time: Although time-lapse recording produces an exciting effect, creating that recording isn't too exciting. Depending on how long you plan to capture frames, bring along a book and maybe a chair. Come to think of it, bring a beverage and a snack, too.

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