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When teaching your dog a new trick, keep these three training tips in mind to ensure that both you and your dog have a fun and productive training session.

  1. Stay positive.

    Learning new routines can be stressful. Be the kind of parent/teacher you would enjoy being around and learning from!

  2. Keep lessons short.

    Dogs get things remarkably quickly. New lessons that result in positive rewards, like roll over or play dead, are fun! When a dog gets it, she’ll long to do it again. Repetitive and lengthy lessons, on the other hand, turn a dog off . . . her mind starts to wander. If corrections are used to get a dog back on track, the dog learns one thing and one thing only: This new routine stinks.

  3. End with fun.

    Dogs, like people, have their own ideas of “fun.” If your dog loves a special toy, end your lessons by playing with it. If her idea of bliss is a soulful scratch behind the ears, end your lessons with some genuine loving. If your dog lives for food, then a jackpot (BIG) reward of favorite goodies will certainly highlight a job well done!

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